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Our United States was founded on freedom. Freedom of speech and carry a gun and not get a vaccine. However, this last freedom is selfish and only hurts others.

When you refuse to get vaccinated, you fill up the hospitals so much that other people with other legitimate health issues cannot go to the hospitals. You hurt the economy by spreading the virus and keeping people off their jobs. This in turn hurts everyone else such as businesses. Grocery stores end up with shortages because people are off sick because of you. Children miss school because of you. People are forced to limit their normal lives because of you.

What happened to our love for each other? Instead, you stand your ground, beat your chest and say no to getting vaccinated and doing what’s best for everybody. This behavior also prolongs the time that the coronavirus sticks around to kill someone else.

Stop being selfish and do what’s best for everybody. Who knows, you may even save your grandpa and grandma from getting the virus and dying.

Linda Hardwick


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