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A recent writer to the Voice of the People claimed President Trump’s action of withholding military aid to Ukraine resulted in thousands of Ukraine soldiers being killed or wounded and put our national security at risk.

The Obama/Biden administration refused for eight years to give the Ukraine government the weapons it needed to defend itself from Russian aggression. When Russian invaded and afterward annexed Crimea, part of Ukraine, Ukraine’s government’s appeal for military aid was refused by the Obama/Biden administration.

Instead of sending the money for military weapons, the Obama administration allowed VP Joe Biden to send his son to Ukraine to be on the board of Ukraine’s largest gas company, where he was paid $85,000 monthly.

When President Trump took office he convinced the new Republican-controlled Congress to appropriate millions of dollars for weapons for the Ukraine. This money was given to the government of Ukraine within the time limits set by Congress and after President Trump was sure the new government of Ukraine would use the money as it was intended.

Recap: The Obama administration sent the Ukraine the VP’s son instead of the money for military weapons, and President Trump sent the Ukraine the money for their military weapons. The Obama/Biden administration is the one whose actions/inactions resulted in the death of Ukraine’s soldiers and endangered our national security.

William Huron

Chesapeake, Ohio

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