For some unknown reason, without even the courtesy of a sign, all the restrooms at Ritter Park were locked on Monday, Dec. 23; unlocked on Tuesday, Dec. 24; and locked again on Christmas Day, Dec. 25.

Christmas was a pleasant, warm day, and many families took their children to have fun in the playground and their visitors to enjoy Ritter Park.

Unfortunately, when people needed to avail themselves of the facilities, they were shocked to find none were available!

One man tried to hide behind a tree to urinate, but anyone walking along the path on the far side of the stream got an unwanted eyeful. And when I went to check whether the restrooms above the tennis courts were open, two men came around from behind the building, still in the process of closing their pants. (Who knows what they left back there.)

Anyone in urgent need but not wanting to risk similar exposure had to leave the park and rush to find a gas station restroom.

What a disgraceful way to treat people hoping to enjoy a Christmas outing in the park! And what a poor impression to leave with visitors to Huntington!

Michele Young


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