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Regardless of who wins the mayoral race in Huntington, I hope the winner will start paying more attention to quality of life issues for “the rest of us,” you know, the people who live here quietly, keep to themselves, and make no real demands of city time or resources.

I’m speaking specifically about a recycling program, something the city of Huntington has kicked around like a raggedy dog toy for years. There have been many (so far empty) promises, numerous (much-heralded) surveys, and other sock-puppet type “Yes we hear you” actions from City Hall, but no action.

While the Cabell County Commission and the Cabell County Solid Waste Authority have done a masterful job of making a comprehensive program available to ALL residents, the city has done nothing. I was flatly and emphatically told by a city official that Huntington would never, ever cooperate in a countywide recycling program — even though that makes the most sense, since it would serve the greatest number of people for the lowest overall cost.

One of the quality-of-life issues that potential new residents and businesses look for is how well a city takes care of the environment around it. Recycling is a key component of that, something that a city can point to as a concrete demonstration of what it is doing to take care of the place we all live in and make it better for everyone.

Why is Huntington’s city administration so reluctant to understand this?

Monty Fowler


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