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Two national parties still argue over which one is the one best for us and make America great again. On the eve of the elections I had the answer: Neither one is. Greatness is a grassroots function.

At evening rush hour on Interstate 64 I ran out of gas. I had enough momentum to coast to the Big Ben Bowen Highway intersection. Within moments, three cars stopped to offer help. Two minutes later a police car with flashing lights stopped next to me. Patrolman Avery Meadows inquired about my problem. Moments later, a second police car joined. Both officers pushed my car into safety off the road.

“Do you have money for gas?”

“Chief, can you take him to Sheetz to get some gas?”

“You may have to buy the gas can.”

When I got to the station, one officer had already told the clerk about my needs; the can was on the counter. Then a complete stranger said, “I’ll get the gas.” He paid for the can, too. The two officers returned me to my car, added the gas to my empty tank and escorted me back to Sheetz to assure my safe arrival.

Nine strangers offered help when I needed it. Seven out of nine strangers disappeared as quickly as they appeared. The officers said, “That is what we do.” They did it well. They are effective ambassadors for the Barboursville Police Department.

These actions showed that the character of its people make a nation great. None of the nine asked me about my political allegiance; besides, does that behavior not reflect adherence to the fundamental Christian tenet: “Take care of thy brother”?

I am grateful for their actions. America is my greatest nation — by choice. Dear reader: be thankful for America.

Klaus O.Staerker

Proctorville, Ohio

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