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Another Appalachian Power rate increase request of the Public Service Commission — we can rest assured that they will grant an increase.

Could this be a result of the elimination of coal from our generating systems? Coal has been a low-cost means of producing electricity for years. With the environmental concerns of coal, what is being done to replace it long-term? We continue to hear about solar, but from what I understand this is not a viable option at this time.

Nuclear offers many options, with risks associated that communities do not want.

What has happened to hydroelectricity? This is a tried and true means to produce ample electricity with no fossil fuels and no pollution, and we have ample water supplies to make it work.

Successful companies seek to produce quality products at the lowest possible cost. But with utilities, rates are regulated and approved by the PSC. What is wrong with having different suppliers of electricity? Their product could run through the various distribution lines to the consumer. Our infrastructure will need to be updated to help. How many times do we have outages due to antiquated systems or poorly maintained networks? What is being done to provide for our electricity 10 years from now? Twenty-five years? Fifty years?

Can we not come up with better, more effective ways to provide their service at lower costs? Rate increases every year are unacceptable. We do need more competition in our service.

Alvin Bowyer


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