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The United States is in a pandemic.

It means that we are confronting a disease which is global. It requires cooperation from all countries across our little and fragile planet, and at the very least, a national strategy.

In the U.S., because of a total lack of leadership from the White House, it has been left up to the individual states to deal with the crisis. No other nation has addressed this calamity in this way — England leaving to its counties, France to its departments, Germany to its bundeslander, Italy to its regioni, China to its administrative divisions. The COVID-19 virus does not respect political maps.

It is a recipe for failure in our country to stop more infections and more deaths if we do not have a national policy guided by science. Coronavirus is not a political issue but one that concerns every human being on earth. My message to our national leaders: Forget political divides and get to work together and with the global community to find a way to ward off this pandemic.

Nicholas Freidin


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