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Vote, and the deadline is Nov. 3. Casting your ballot early (absentee by mail) or in person at your county office, or showing up at your precinct that Tuesday, are essential to preserving our democracy, regardless of any political affiliation.

There have been many attempts to disenfranchise citizens, mostly in states run by GOP governors, creating hurdles for minorities and the poor to deny them their rightful democratic rights. The president has fought against voting by mail (although he does so himself), claiming possible fraud. Never proven. Not comforting to our military abroad or stationed on U.S. bases outside their home state, and our countless diplomats and citizens overseas.

A great concern for the White House is a large turnout of voters in this coming general election, especially among minorities, Hispanics, African Americans, and other marginalized communities. Their strategy: Make it as difficult as possible to allow them to to vote. Our U.S.A. is changing with a greater diversity of citizens. The older white male Christians, resembling our “Founding Fathers,” are no longer a majority. Instead, they are a part of a larger canvas, of women, of people of different backgrounds, be they African-Americans or Latino/a, Asians, or Catholic, Jewish or Muslim, or agnostic or atheist, or a mix or neither. None of this great diversity of present America was represented at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. We have a come a long way. A better and stronger nation.

Please participate in the national election in November, no matter your cause or passion. It is a right and a privilege, and hard work, to sustain our democracy. Just think of those who sacrificed their personal livelihoods, even their lives, for allowing us to place freely our choices into the ballot box. Vote.

Nicholas Freidin


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