Why every time I read our local newspaper all I ever see is fake news concerning our president? Saturday, Nov. 2, Page 9A, old Shifty Schiff and Badger Nadler want to impeach our president on a phone call. Trump turned over the transcript of the phone call to Ukraine to Congress, which old Shifty Schiff changed the wording to suit his own agenda.

Our president has not done anything wrong unless you do not like our booming economy — lowest unemployment in 50 years and a president who wants to secure our borders and keep America and its citizens safe. The Dems cannot stand the fact that they lost an election to a businessman who could and did turn around this country.

He is not a dirty politician, and he cannot be bought off with their dirty money. He is pro-life, and they are the party of death. They think it’s OK to murder a baby one minute before birth. He wants to keep socialism (another name for communism) out of our country.

Can you imagine if the do-nothing Dems in Congress would step up and do their jobs and help this president? What a wonderful place this would be. But no, they try through the evil mainstream media to tear down everything good this great president has done.

As for the ISIS comment, poor old Groper Joe Biden did not want Obama to carry out a raid on Osama bin Laden. Praise God and thanks to Trump Baghdadi is dead. As for the poll the Demon Rats are saying most Americans wanting Trump impeached — fake news, not true. They lie, cheat and do whatever it takes to keep the far-left socialists in Congress.

In 71 years I have never seen a president treated so horribly. Shameful. Trump was and still is God’s choice.

Sandra McSorley


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