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I will list some of Joe Biden’s better-known accomplishments in his 44 years of Senate and vice president. His better-known thing was in the Senate with Robert C. Byrd. They were against the blacks in white schools.

When he was chosen to be vice president, this promoted his ability to do things. He and Obama gave the Iranians millions of our money while they were chanting death to America and burning our flag.

Biden got his brother a job in construction where he made millions. Then he had his son, Hunter, be an executive on a job in which he knew nothing about, making millions. Joe took that to China and his son received billions. Joe likes China!

If Joe is elected, you can again look to China for whatever they want, and our jobs that President Trump brought back to America will no longer be.

Most Democrats are blind to the new “Green Joe” that the left is promoting. The opening of the border to all and to give health care to them plus every citizen in America.

How long can we give everyone everything and survive as a nation? Do away with gas and oil — how will you get from here to there? Wake up, America. We can’t afford the Democrats that are not the original Democrats. We can’t afford them, no thanks! Vote Trump.

Homer Campbell


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