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Once again, some of West Virginia’s representatives in Washington have exhibited spineless obsequiousness and cult of personality worship toward the 45th president instead of following their oath of office to our Constitution.

Rep. Carol Miller thought it was perfectly fine to ignore the Constitution and refuse to certify the Electoral College vote totals. She compounded the felony by decrying the riot and attempted insurrection at the Capitol while totally ignoring the actions of the man most responsible for causing it, our 45th president. Miller seems to think it is perfectly OK to advocate the overthrow of the government if you don’t like the democratically held election that produced that result.

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito abrogated her oath of office by voting to acquit the former (now twice impeached) president on the flimsiest of pretexts, preferring to hide behind the “let’s all just move on, nothing to see here” form of leadership. Which is not leadership. It is beyond pathetic, and I do not think it has a name.

We need our elected representatives in Washington to follow their oath of office and take it seriously. We don’t need people who blindly follow a twice-impeached ex-president simply because they are afraid of what a few people might think.

Monty Fowler


43 senators let the Constitution down

On. Feb. 13, the U.S. Senate voted to acquit former President Trump from impeachment and never holding a federal office in the future. Fifty-seven voted guilty (including seven brave GOP senators) and 43 innocent, not the two-thirds majority required to remove Trump from our memory. An historic proceeding with important consequences down the road for the Republican Party, and for our country.

Forty-three members of the U.S. Senate decided to place their political ambitions above the principles of the U.S. Constitution (which they swore to uphold). A very sad day for our nation.

Only three presidents have been impeached in our American history: Andrew Johnson (1866), Bill Clinton (1998) and Donald Trump twice (2019 and 2021). None were ever charged of colluding with a foreign enemy power or of inciting a rebellion against the government, except Trump. Yet, this day, Trump was exonerated, again.

Those 43 U.S. senators, including Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, should be remembered come their re-elections as representatives who broke their oath to our U.S. Constitution, the foundation of our republic.

I learned from this paper that now there are more registered Republicans than Democrats in West Virginia. Strange in a state which was a pioneer in workers’ rights and union organization, a model for the country. Times have really changed, or people have short memories.

Republicans, Democrats, independents or unaffiliated, you witnessed a travesty at the U.S. Senate and a dangerous precedent for the years ahead. We need to maintain our democratic system, no matter how imperfect, to avoid a demagogue usurping our republic. This time, we failed.

Nicholas Freidin


All children should

be back in school

The government is scaring teachers to death, so they’re staying home. Our children are at a very low risk of COVID-19. It’s bad for students to stay home. We pay more for education than most developed countries. Far more.

The welfare of children should outweigh the mind control the government is using on parents and teachers.

Lonnie Bledsoe


Whose sides were

Jesus and Satan on?

I wanted to add to the letter from a fellow West Virginian about what Reps. Carol Miller and Alex Mooney did by signing the letter to stop the counting of millions of votes and take away the election of President Joe Biden as our 46th president. The false evidence was brought up by several Republican states and 126 Republicans in the House of Representatives, and also I think seven Republican senators who went all the way up to the Supreme Court and were turned down as a false claim and thrown out. Our state seems to want to say it is Republican now. A fact: If these had been Democratic representatives, this debacle would never have happened. Our state might say it is for God and country, but would God say the words “That Jesus Christ made me do it” or does it sound more like “the devil made me do it”? Which religion are you practicing?

Middleton Hunt


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