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I was in a restroom the other day in a restaurant. The lights were out. I told the owner. She said it kept people from using drugs — shooting up. I asked her, if you shoot up drugs or overdose in China, what happens? She said you get Narcan. You get no trial. You go to prison for 15 years. This solves a lot of problems.

Lonnie Bledsoe


Don’t trust gov’t in drug case money

My, my. How the money just keeps rolling in. Now that two or three states have won big judgments against drug manufacturers, West Virginia cities and the state are putting cases together hoping to cash in.

One columnist already has a four-point plan to spend the loot. Not so fast, because most often a judge will reduce the judgment and no doubt there will be appeals, which can drag out for years. The first group to get a crack at what money will be left is the legal profession.

We have been through this before with the tobacco industry. I don’t remember how much money West Virginia got to stamp out the consumption of tobacco, but it sure did not work. Our state ranks at the top of the list for cancer caused by nicotine and dipping snuff. Roundup herbicide is now targeted by a long list of ambulance-chasing law firms. “You pay no fee unless we win.” Translated: We get the first 40%. Some firms have made a career of dipping into the mesothelioma judgment. “Mesothelioma is all we do.”

Heck, you don’t even have to go to court. The 3M Company is under the gun because the earplugs they made for our military did not work. Rifle cleaning patches did work in 1962 and were much cheaper.

The lesson here is don’t start counting chickens until they hatch.

Haven’t we all learned by now that once money gets into the hands of government it will not be spent in the way intended?

Fred Friar


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