I just finished reading Dave Peyton’s article on civics and the other gentleman’s article on why presidents should be elected by popular vote. I sort of agree with Peyton’s civics lesson and agree that schools should be teaching more civics to learn how government works and all about the amendments.

The other article, though, demonstrates why we need those civics lessons. If presidents were elected by popular vote, elections would be decided by just five states — California, Florida, New York, Texas and Illinois — because they are the most populated. The rest of the 45 states would be relegated to electing all the minor officials.

The Founding Fathers in their infinite wisdom foresaw this possibility. Thus the Electoral College, where each state gets a say regardless of whether they are California or Vermont or West Virginia. This prevents the larger states from monopolizing all the elections and the rest of us from being second class citizens.

Since the Democrats lost the popular election for president, they have tried to push this popular vote theme and have even considered abolishing the Electoral College. Thank the Lord that would need a constitutional convention to be decided and that ain’t gonna happen, not in our lifetime.

S.J. Cutler


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