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How about everyone forgetting what political party you belong to and just be an American taxpayer for 15 minutes of valid, logical thought? I want a COVID stimulus bill immediately to help affected American individuals and business owners. I do not want my tax dollars going to Cambodia, Belize, gender identity issues in a Middle Eastern country or the Kennedy Center or the Smithsonian. The arts are valuable, but they are not a priority when people can’t afford their rent and have no jobs. I do not want a measly $600 so our elected government can have billions left to spend on useless pork.

I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat, or Socialist. Black lives, abortion, LBTQ or nothing else will matter when Communist China takes over the United States. If you look for 100 different products in a store, you will be lucky to find five that are made in America and not China.

All politicians now must agree on a stimulus bill that has no pork. Make the bill give all Americans — legal Americans — $2,000 each. Give money to small business owners and family-owned restaurants to get back on their feet. Spend money on building new clean energy plants and training Americans to work. Stop buying Chinese and make jobs here. Fix our roads, power grids, and get internet to everyone.

Make America Great Again with jobs and money spent on Americans. This is logical and how I want my tax dollars spent. I don’t care what pork Congress wants, and if they want to remain in Congress they need to spend our tax dollars on legal Americans now. This is both logical and the right thing to do. I can’t comprehend why anyone would disagree with me regardless of race, sex, religion or political party. Just do it now! No excuses.

Patty Deeds


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