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States should retain control of elections

The Democrats are trying to eliminate the filibuster so they can pass their voting rights bill.

This bill would take the election law making from the State legislatures, as required by the Constitution, and give it to the federal government.

If the bill becomes law, one would not need any identification to vote or use a mail-in ballot.

This proposed voting rights bill would keep the excesses of the pandemic election changes of 2020 that undermined the election integrity and opened doors to fraud.

In the 2020 election, more than 1.1 million mailed ballots were bounced as undeliverable. Another 15 million ballots weren’t voted or were otherwise returned, according to an election integrity watchdog.

The Democrats realize that only COVID-19 and the resulting non-constitutional changes in the electoral system in several key states resulted in Trump losing his re-election bid.

The judiciary system declined to hear any challenges to the integrity of the electoral system that had been changed in the swing states, but not by the state legislatures, as the Constitution requires.

Presumably, the courts didn’t want the controversy of potentially reversing the result of a presidential election.

The Democrats used the Jan. 6 incident at the nation’s capital to divert attention from the irregular election.

Putting the election in the hands of the federal government instead of the state legislatures as proposed in the Democrats’ “voting rights bill” is the Democrats’ early measure to start us on the road to socialism.

William Huron

Chesapeake, Ohio

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