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I am very proud to admit to being a West Virginia deplorable and admit to having more sense than all of Joe Biden’s staff and advisors who don’t know enough economics to realize that most of this country knows that if the Build Back Better bill would be passed inflation would increase twofold and drive this country into socialism.

Our country has thrived on capitalism to outperform all other forms of governments and a higher standard of living in the world. Being a deplorable means that we have labored to produce more than we can use, which raises the standard for all. Can you say in your profession that you have done the same?

True West Virginian Joe Manchin’s announcement to not support the BBB bill could be responsible for saving our country. He has remembered our West Virginia motto “Montani semper liberi,” which means “Mountaineers are always free”. Under socialism we lose our freedoms because everything about your life before you are born until death is decided by the central government in Washington, D.C.

Another thing they don’t understand is that if you eliminate our energy supplies that everything will cost more. You have to have energy to produce anything. Trying to live on solar and wind which is not dependable and can’t be built in places like Martha’s Vineyard because the haves won’t stand for it. As for electric vehicles, most of what we need has to come from China and make China and Joe Biden’s family millions.

Terry Thornburg


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