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I was watching a documentary on Hitler invading Poland. People were shot in the streets, women raped in public and people beaten to death.

The news says Germany could use a detention center to place people if they refuse to quarantine if they test positive for COVID-19.

The National Guard, who take an oath to protect our country, is being investigated for criminal backgrounds — maybe political choice. Keep in mind this is a volunteer guard, just like George Washington’s army.

What a slap in the face. They’re not protecting the capital from what’s outside but protecting us from what’s inside.

Lonnie Bledsoe


What damages will President Biden inflict on America?

Socialism was supposed to have been voted down. What is Biden planning to do? Medicare for all, which will make it illegal to have private health insurance. Free college for all. Pass the Green New Deal, which could ban air travel, forbid air conditioning and force people to walk to work. There are other things concerning the Green New Deal, too numerous to mention. Since he has control over the House of Representatives and the Senate, he can do anything he wants.

Will he defund local police departments? Will he abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement? Will he destroy the wall Trump was building and create open borders? Will he give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants? Will he pass born alive abortion legislation, which would make infanticide legal? Will he reinstate regulations from the Obama administration? Will he legalize prostitution in all 50 states? Will he remove our embassy from Jerusalem? He’ll do whatever Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris want.

I believe he would do anything so he could say, “In your face, Trump.” He’s already stopped the Keystone XL pipeline. He’s rejoined the Paris climate fiasco, costing the U.S. billions of dollars. I say fiasco because in early December 1976 it was 81 degrees. On the 17th of January 1977, it was 17 below zero, and the scientists were saying an ice age is coming back.

Gerrol Donivan Blake

Crown City, Ohio

Thank our congressional reps instead of condemning them

Recent letters to the editor of this newspaper suggest that certain U.S. congressional representatives from our area “be ashamed” of voting to question the integrity of two states’ election results, prior to “certifying” those states’ Electoral College votes on Jan. 6 in the nation’s Capitol. One writer even goes so far as to suggest those representatives should be expelled from the office to which they were elected. Why? News flash: “We the people” elect our representatives, no matter which political party you follow, to vote on behalf of our wishes — the wishes of us as their constituents. The actions of violence that occurred in Washington, D.C., are reprehensible, but they are not the actions of the majority of those who travelled there in frustration to show support of the current president. This is, and always will be, the greatest country on Earth. We should thank the brave members of Congress who responded with calm that day. We should thank the vice president and all members of both the House and Senate who continued their duties well into the night and under stressful circumstances. I’m sure that Reps. Alex Mooney and Carol Miller and Sen. Joe Manchin would appreciate that support!

Janina Michael


Honored rule of law contends with troublesome cult politics

Loyalty to a group in the extreme creates a cult, whereas loyalty to relatives and friends with mutual love and respect establishes a family. Blind faith in a demagogue promotes dishonor when Heinrich Himmler asserts, “My honor is my loyalty.” However, empathy forms the bedrock of a republic worth fighting for when George C. Marshall vows, “I can’t expect loyalty from the army if I do not give it.”

John Boyd, architect of observe-orient-decide-act decision cycle, proclaims, “If a man asks me for my loyalty ... I will give him my honesty. If a man asks me for my honesty ... I will give him my loyalty!” You can’t buy true loyalty, but only earn it with trust.

The Senate holds the people’s trust. The people need adjudication of former President Trump’s culpability in the Capitol Hill insurrection. The verdict from the Senate trial foreshadows whether Congress abdicates power bestowed by Article I, Section 3, Clauses 6 and 7 of the U.S. Constitution.

We the people call for justice. Heed Edward R. Murrow’s words, “No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices.” Pledge allegiance to the idea of America. Honor the rule of law above cult politics.

Roger Combs


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