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In the view of many of today’s professional sports athletes who were moved and decided to take a few games off in the wake of the Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooting, how is it this latest shooting of a black man by police under circumstances which may or may not be ruled as remotely justified any more shocking, appalling or unconscionable than an innocent child of color being murdered in the crossfire of incessant, insidious, inner-city gang warfare?

Statistically, the latter event occurs more frequently these days. It is not even close. Yet, I have not heard of a “Black Children’s Lives Matter” or anyone of public fame championing that cause.

This paradigm only serves to further perpetuate the 21st-century myth of “white supremacy” and “systemic racism.” “Black-on-black” violent crime statistics do not fit the desired narrative. They are ignored or swept under the rugs of the offices of big-city liberal mayors.

When an inexperienced white police officer caught up in an encounter and in over their head pulls the trigger on a detainee or suspect who has gone into panic and uncooperative mode, possesses or has reached for what appears to be a weapon, flees and/or grabs a taser from the officer and aims and shoots it at the officer, this is certain to get the “racist white cop” card played.

The Democratic Party has an interest in perpetuating the myth in order to control the black vote. Unfortunately, not until black voters en masse wake up, the welfare state as currently constructed has been dismantled and reformed, and all American children receive a fundamental education will the perception of “White America” as being broad-brush DNA racist ever possibly change.

Steve Flesher


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