In the Oct. 1 Herald-Dispatch, local columnist John Patrick Grace queried, “Are Republicans comfortable with a president who would trade away American sovereignty” Or would they rather somebody else be president who wouldn’t do that?”

Despite the obvious partisan hyperbole contained in this rhetorical trick question, I wish to respond: I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 as the “lesser of two evils” in large part given my firm belief based on past behavior that Hillary Clinton was in it to further line her and her husband’s pockets and would have traded anything “sovereign” to that end.

Mr. Grace appears to have already concluded the current president has been trading our sovereignty for inappropriate political favors without hard evidence and short of a congressional finding. Moreover, can any of the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates promise, assure us to serve as that latter type of president to which Mr. Grace alludes?

There will be no removal from office. Perhaps a Clinton 1998 impeachment redo nightmare will serve to further divide our nation and ignite and rally the Trump voter base.

I for one can’t wait for the summer of 2020 and the election that lies just over a year ahead.

Steve Flesher


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