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The rebellion following the brutal lynching of George Floyd drives home the point that we must defund the police. Minneapolis, Minnesota, where George Floyd was killed, is now taking that bold step. Minneapolis is in the process of rethinking public safety.

Over the years, cities in the U.S. have overfunded police departments while cutting funds for basic social services. In order to reduce crime, basic social services such as mental health care and public housing should be well funded.

I am happy to see Confederate and other racist monuments come down. These monuments should never be glorified.

Charles W. Britz


Trump has strategy in his speeches

It is my belief that the reason why Donald Trump focuses so much on the lifestyle, social, “identity-politics” and “culture-wars” issues while focusing much less on the economic, financial, bread-and-butter, and kitchen-table issues (which I focus on) is because research clearly shows that when the Democrats focus on “my” issues they win almost every national election every two years, and when they focus on “his” issues they lose almost every national election every two years.

He knows exactly what he is doing and why.

Stewart B. Epstein

Rochester, N.Y.

Legislature should ban fireworks

The extremely loud fireworks that occurred on July 4 were terrible in Barboursville. The explosions occurred for several days before the Fourth and for two or three days afterward. There were people who set off loud rockets in their yards located right next to their neighbors’ houses. It happened to me. I don’t want to be subjected to those extremely loud explosions. Tradition shouldn’t be an excuse for disturbing the peace of your neighbors once a year. There are other quiet ways to celebrate.

Because some town councils don’t care about stopping the noise, the Legislature should ban the sale and use of fireworks in West Virginia.

Walter Wendler


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