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There he goes again. Eugene Robinson had another article on the editorial page of The Herald-Dispatch on July 19. Every article he writes on politics is an article attacking the president of the United States. He calls the president an “utter fool” and says he should resign and “slink back to his gaudy apartment in Trump Tower.” Robinson accuses the President of making the COVID-19 virus worse, and he accuses the president of structural racism.

Robinson says Biden could be a great president while saying President Trump rules like a damaged child, while pushing for a nationwide reopening of schools.

The president is doing a good job of running this country. In the case of the China virus, he put a ban on travel from China while Biden and others called him a racist for doing so. He organized a China virus task force, led by Vice President Pence, to discover a medicine to reduce the worst effects of COVID-19 and to develop a vaccine. In this endeavor, the pharmaceutical, military, and private industry are coordinating their efforts.

Several foreign countries have had children in school since May with no adverse results. Scientists are saying children rarely get the virus and rarely transfer the virus to their parents. The president must balance which is worse: children going to school where they are fed, taught, and develop social skills necessary for life or keeping children home with one or more of these needs unmet and with parents who may be financially unable to stay home with them, further stalling the economy.

As for Biden, he has been a disaster for the U.S. He helped make the trade deals that led to China and other nations taking our industrial base, including, as we have recently learned, our pharmacy industry. Biden’s family has collected millions from Chinese and Ukraine sources. While VP, he opposed the attack that led to bin Laden’s death.

The “utter fool” that Mr. Robinson speaks about is not President Trump. In my opinion, Mr. Robinson would see a real “utter fool” if he looked in the mirror or took a closer look at Biden.

William Huron

Chesapeake, Ohio

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