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Ever wonder why our president is so against mail-in ballots? Could it be that his hero, “Vlad the Puppet Master” and his miscreant minions would not be able to hack paper ballots?

Concerning the statue of Stonewall Jackson located on West Virginia’s capitol grounds, we could respectfully honor his last words by taking “Old Stonewall” across the river and let him rest in the shade of the trees. Controversy solved.

Bruce A. Adkins


Biden is the right choice for WV

We are in unprecedented times. Nearly 140,000 Americans dead from a pandemic, the economy on the brink of ruin, and our people the most divided they have been since the Civil War. As all of this has happened I can’t help but wonder what would be happening if we have a president who wanted to do their job?

Joe Biden is everything Donald Trump isn’t: honest, caring, hard working, a family man. These are all qualities that describe West Virginians.

I’m not going to list all of the things that make Trump a bad president for the times; we would be here all day. But for a moment, imagine if Biden were already POTUS. Would he be getting his staff to discredit medical experts like Dr. Fauci? Would he be downplaying a virus that is nowhere near under control? Would he be promoting a food company while Americans are dying?

New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, et al have less active cases than us per capita because they have leaders who want to lead. They aren’t in it for their ego.

If Joe Biden were already president I have no doubt that the United States would already be on that list. Our economy would be on the mend, a record number of small business closures and evictions would not have happened, our schools would be safer to go back to.

I’ll end this with a question asked by Ronald Reagan: Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

Vote Biden Nov. 3.

David Crawley


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