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It is time to stop telling Putin what we won’t do and tell him what we will do if he doesn’t stop destroying the infrastructure away from war areas and not providing a safe way from besieged cities for its citizens.

First, Biden should tell Putin to open safe corridors for Ukraine citizens or he and NATO will secure these safe corridors. Second, he should tell Putin to stop destroying the infrastructure and everything that makes lives livable for the Ukrainian citizens. Putin can’t take the country by force, so he is using long-range missiles to destroy the country. If he doesn’t stop these actions, the Ukrainians will be supplied with missiles that can reach Russia’s missile sites, even if they come from Russian territory.

Putin has threatened to use battlefield nuclear weapons if the U.S. and NATO don’t stop supplying Ukraine with more advanced weapons. Putin needs to be reminded that the U.S. and NATO also have nuclear weapons. Biden and NATO need to tell Putin that they will back Zelensky with weapons until every Russian is off Ukraine soil.

In prior weeks, the news media showed as much as a 40-mile convoy of Russian tanks and other armored vehicles on the highways headed for battle against the capital of Ukraine and other cities. Biden should have supplied the Ukrainians with longer range missiles and planes that Poland volunteered to destroy these sitting ducks before they reached the combat areas.

Finally, Biden must go back to the Trump energy independence measures, giving us the ability to supply NATO with their energy needs. Ukraine can then destroy the Russian pipelines needed by NATO countries. Russia then can’t finance their war machine.

William Huron

Chesapeake, Ohio

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