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A gaping paradox. The party that opposes stronger mandates to vaccinate the citizenry against the COVID-19 virus, apparently an intrusion into the rights of individuals, is also the party which has enacted laws to restrict what a woman can do with her body (abortion) and to regulate how children define their gender (transgender laws in school bathrooms and sports). You can’t have it both ways unless you are a party without standards, devoid of principles, and opportunistic. The GOP today has become such a party.

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene went so far as to compare President Biden’s tactics to inoculate Americans to the “brown shirts” (the SA, the Nazi paramilitary organization)! No one in the GOP appears so far to have the guts to stop her anti-Semitic rants.

A sad state of affairs when a respected national political party descends into the gutter, appealing to racists, anti-Semites, Islamophobes, xenophobes, misogynists and other vile prejudices.

There are severe consequences. For one, an increasing number of cases and deaths from COVID-19, especially the delta variant, among those not vaccinated, mostly clustered in states run by the GOP. A health issue was never a political issue until the 45th president made it one. No one should suffer from a deadly disease, especially when it is preventable.

The Biden administration seeks to save lives and get our country back to some “normal.” A mandate for the good. Those still not vaccinated (mostly in states Trump won in 2020) endanger themselves and others and will allow more virulent strains of the virus to emerge and spread. It should not be an issue given the MMR and polio vaccines already required for all children in our country.

Health is a private and a public concern. Get vaccinated!

Nicholas Freidin


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