How about the story that Chuck Schumer once met with Putin? Did they talk about what Obama once did, who promised “that when I’m re-elected president of the good old USA, I can be more flexible”?

In my younger years I vowed to join the Democratic Party, but they found out I had an education beyond the seventh grade. Yep, that disqualified me.

Wasn’t it Osama bin Laden, before his unexpected demise, who said, “America can only be destroyed from the inside out”? Well, now we have four of his minions parading our capitol’s halls. I support any president who reminds miscontents that the door into the USA swings both ways.

I call upon all vets to join in taking back America. By the way, California, if Adam Schiff is the best you have to offer, God help your people.

Bill Turner

Wellington, Fla.

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