Ten reasons to vote Democratic in 2020:

1. Democrats nationwide are responsible for the greatest economy in American history. They have put more people back to work, are responsible for the lowest unemployment numbers in history, and are succeeding in bringing back integrity and honor to the U.S. Congress.

2. They didn’t like the results of the 2016 election. Impeachment is the answer to an illegal president.

3. They have positioned the most intelligent and patriotic people in positions of power. Who would question the ethics and honesty of Maxine Watters, Adam Schiff, Gerry Nadler, etc.?

4. Since 2018, when the Democrats regained control of the House, look at all the great things they have accomplished — improved infrastructure, healthcare reform, immigration, and legal and justice reform.

5. Look no further than California, Illinois, New York, or the Left Coast to see the results of proven Democratic control. I would love to be able to take my family on a moonlight walk through the streets of San Francisco.

6. Are you as impressed with the Squad as I am? The future of American politics, clean cut, native-born icons with only the best for America in mind.

7. Democrats have proven without a doubt Russian collusion, treason, emoluments clause violations, and racism against Trump. Proven without a doubt.

Impeachment is their duty to preserve the integrity of the presidency.

8. Democrat candidates for president in 2020 represent the best America has to offer. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete, Kamala Harris, and the greatest politician in history, Joe Biden.

9. If you need further proof, The Herald-Dispatch, the area newspaper noted for fairness, equality, and sticking up for the common man, approves of all of the Democratic candidates for president.

10. God bless the Democratic Party, The Herald-Dispatch, Dave Peyton, and Pat Grace for their honest and unbiased efforts. Talk again in November 2020.

Jim Allen


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