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This is a note to clarify about voting on the proposed raising of the Lawrence County, Ohio, sales tax to 7.75%. I was talking to some friends and associates the other evening, and a property owner said they were voting yes for the sales tax issue because if they didn’t the tax would automatically fall to just property owners without a vote. This is not true. We have talked to Ironton’s city attorney and he has assured us that tax to property owners without a vote cannot happen. It would have to come up for a vote at some future date and will not be imposed upon anyone without their permission.

Folks, with double-digit inflation happening to just about everything we purchase nowadays, and with no relief in sight and to put Lawrence County residents in the same sales tax bracket as the Cleveland area seems a bit preposterous with our income levels in this area. If you are on a fixed income or already working jobs to make ends meet, this tax is going to make you cut or drop other important matters to a later time.

With that in mind, please get out and vote and please vote no to a sales tax increase.

Mark Howard


Carl Eastham is the best choice for WV delegate

I would like to take the chance to ask voters to support Carl Eastham in the upcoming election for the House of Delegates’ 24th District. For 40 years, in several different jobs, Carl has served the citizens of this area. Electing him to the House will continue this service.

For 30 years, Carl put out your fires with the Huntington Fire Department, eventually serving as chief of the department. Whether putting out fires or running the department, Carl was up to the challenge. And since 2016 he has served on the West Virginia State Fire Commission, helping the entire state with his knowledge.

Also, for several years he worked as a citizen advocate for the state attorney general’s office. He gave seniors and voters a strong voice and assistance while there.

Currently he works as a bus driver in the county school district. During the pandemic, it has been hard to staff the system, yet Carl has been there every day, making sure our kids get to school safely. So it should be obvious that Carl has the skill, knowledge and drive to best represent the citizens of the 24th District.

Alec Plymale


Support Kim Cooper for

Cabell County commissioner

Being a local newspaper reporter brought me into contact with nearly all the decision- makers in Cabell County. Kim Cooper exceeds what is expected of a good leader and an upstanding man, and he is worthy of your vote in the county commission race.

He wears many hats, but I knew him best as assistant superintendent for operations for Cabell County Schools. He and his team have put in a Herculean effort keeping our schools safe and modernized in the wake of COVID-19.

Aside from the schools, he also serves on the Cabell County Planning Commission, Homeland Security’s Local Emergency Planning Commission and the West Virginia Fusion Center, which aggregates and disseminates data to state law enforcement. With that experience, Cooper has the credentials to oversee and support our first responders.

Cooper has also noted the necessity of renovating W.Va. 2. With the Nucor plant to break ground in Apple Grove, the clock is ticking. The pre-existing danger notwithstanding, if Cabell County wants better odds at attracting businesses that will crop up to support Nucor, we’re going need a better highway up there.

Kim Cooper has the credentials, influence and the heart to make an outstanding commissioner.

Bishop Nash


Support the Green Acres levy for those with special needs

I am writing in support of the Green Acres levy. My daughter with special needs has been employed at Green Acres since she graduated from high school in 2013. As a result of funding provided by the levy, my daughter, Becca, and others like her benefit from a safe working environment that they otherwise may not be able to access. Everyone, even persons with disabilities, deserves to experience the personal, social and financial rewards of working a job. Supporting the Green Acres levy will help ensure this opportunity continues.

Margaret Barbour


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