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What if our leaders in Charleston were advocates for our most vulnerable populations? What if we consciously elected leaders who have dedicated their lives to serving our community? Folks who live in House of Delegates District 17 have a chance to find out.

When schools shut down in March without warning, Jeanette Rowsey, candidate for House of Delegates District 17, was one of the first to volunteer to donate food and recruit others to help alleviate hunger. As needs quickly grew, Jeanette organized space in her church into a temporary staging area to facilitate the efforts of West Virginia Food ER in providing essential items to those in need in Cabell, Putnam and Wayne counties. Jeanette shopped and then delivered groceries to families who were unable to pick them up several times a week for more than two months.

More impressively, Jeanette streamlined and helped coordinate our local ER Food hub in such a manner that numerous volunteers were able to pitch in by shopping or delivering groceries. Thanks to Jeanette’s leadership, over 80 families in need were assisted from March to May.

In the House of Delegates, Jeanette Rowsey will continue to serve all West Virginians. Vote to give our most disadvantaged a voice. Vote to give our families and children a voice. Vote Rowsey for House!

Tosha Pelfrey


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