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President Trump has for the last many months tried to convince Americans that mail-in (absentee) ballots for the coming national election in November are subject to massive abuse. Not surprisingly, an echo of the Kremlin’s propaganda attacking our democracy. No matter that many states already conduct elections by mail, and that military personnel, our diplomats, and expatriates, have done so for decades without any problem. No proof for any fraud if you vote without being present at the ballot box in your precinct on 3 November. The COVID-19 pandemic, a real threat, now costing the lives of some 200,000 Americans, has dramatically increased the need to vote by mail.

The U.S. Mail, founded in 1775, with Benjamin Franklin as the first postmaster general, is the most revered federal institution. And in its some 250 years, it has “delivered.” More than you can say about any other federal institution, from the executive, legislative and judicial branches. Many of us know our letter carriers, trust them, and are grateful to them for delivering our post every day. Their oath, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Tough and dedicated women and men. They can handle the millions of mail-in ballots. Probably less burdensome than the tens of millions of Christmas cards sent and arriving on time? The present administration has demonized the USPS to prevent its work, scared that absentee ballots will work against the reelection of Mr. Trump. Another GOP tactic to deny citizens their right to vote and participate in our democracy. I voted by mail with many checks in place.

Louis DeJoy, the present postmaster general, is a disgrace to the memory of Ben Franklin. I trust Chris, our letter carrier, not Louis, a political hack and accountant, to make my vote count.

Nicholas Freidin


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