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I totally agree with the column written by Walter Williams in the Sept. 10 edition of the paper. He has it correct, and the ancestors of some of these young people, black or white, would be so humiliated by the shear laziness of some of these “welfare recipients.” To have children just to receive more money per month is a disgrace. May God help us all, and He will in his time!

Ladora Adkins


Use PBS for

online classes

The pandemic necessitates distance learning. Requiring online courses demands resources as well as patience of teachers, parents, and children. Consider adopting the supplemental approach of other states. Put select recorded courses on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) for both primary and secondary level students.

Roger Combs


What will your grandkids think?

Years from now, when you grandchildren and great-grandchildren are suffering because of the massive national debt run up by Trump (even before the pandemic), your children’s children are going to wonder:

Why did they vote for a man who had to pay models to be quiet about their affairs?

Why would they vote for a man who was so crooked he need to surround himself with so many advisors and lawyers who ended up in jail?

Why did they vote for someone whose main accomplishment was cutting taxes for the rich?

Why did they vote for a man who lied so much, reporters struggled to find a way to report what he said?

Why did they vote for a man who never went near a church, unless he wanted a picture of himself there?

How would you answer?

Richard Bady


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