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Does anyone really believe that a change in leadership in Washington is going to change the political scene? Do you expect that a bunch of rich Democrats are going to enact laws that will negatively affect themselves and their own rich Democratic supporters as well as rich Republicans? Politics is built on power and inertia. When the “outs” become the “ins” it is a case of “Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss.”

History will teach you that much, if you bother to read and learn. Toppling statues and burning books does not erase history. Such actions merely perpetuate ignorance. “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it” (Edmund Burke and others). You will become what you claim to hate.

If you really want to change things, you should work to get a term limits law passed. The only way you can clean the political sewer is to flush it regularly. You will know that this is a good idea because both entrenched political parties will fight against it. And all of their reasons will go back to maintaining power over the masses (that means you). Unless you have the millions of dollars necessary to buy into the “Political Insiders Club,” do not expect your voice to be heard. It is a “pay for play” game.

Twelve years of elected federal legislative and executive experience is enough to do sufficient damage. If you cannot make enough money and connections in 12 years, you are not a good politician. Activists should focus on realigning the power structure. That is where you will make real progress.

As a veteran, I think any president or vice-president should have served in the military. You cannot be the commander-in-chief of the world’s greatest military power if you do not know how things work. That’s truly dangerous (children with nuclear weapons).

Dallas Brozik


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