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Will wonders never cease? There are actually two Democrats who can still think for themselves. I am very surprised because for the last several years Democrats in the Senate and the House have always voted as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi told them to do or they would cut off the funds for elections. Now there are two that have the guts to stand up to the Marxist, communist and socialist agenda that is trying to completely change America into a godless and immoral society that doesn’t know anything but lying about everything.

They believe it’s OK to murder babies up to the time of actual birth. They orchestrated the invasion at our southern border. They left our allies and American citizens behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. They left billions of dollars worth of the best military equipment to a terrorist regime that could be used against us, and because of their reckless spending we are experiencing runaway inflation. I can only hope that some more Democrats grow a spine and stand up for our American values.

I can’t believe how fast the Marxists have been able to take control of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party I grew up with was always against socialism, communism and Marxism. They believed in God, family, the sanctity of life, treating everyone equally, freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness, not government control of your life from birth to grave.

God save the U.S.A.

Terry Thornburg


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