In a recent letter, Steve Flesher of Huntington got almost all his facts wrong.

Daniel Ellsberg was not an actor; he had been in Vietnam and then worked for a think tank studying Vietnam.

There was a break-in at Watergate by low-level operatives working for President Nixon, but the break-in occurred at the office of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate, and that is what was uncovered by The Washington Post, which led to the impeachment of Richard Nixon, who just as Trump does today claimed it was a witch hunt.

The break-in of Ellsberg’s psychiatrist, whose office was in Beverly Hills, not the Watergate, occurred after the Pentagon Papers were released and Nixon became aware of who the “rat” was.

As with most of Trump supporters, he knows just enough to get everything wrong.

Greg Barker

Proctorville, Ohio

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