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Lt. Col. Stewart Schiller, with 17 years of military service, is in solitary confinement facing court martial and loss of his pension. When a suicide bomber killed 13 military personnel at the Kabul airport, Lt. Colonel Schiller, being upset, asked that someone be held accountable for this tragedy. Within eight hours he was arrested and charged with not going through the chain of command.

General Mark Milley circumvented the chain of command. He told his top aides that it was he, and not the president of the United States, who is in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal. There would not be a nuclear strike without his authorization. Milley also circumvented the chain of command when he called his counterpart in the Chinese military, twice, bypassing the president of the United States, to assure him that the U. S. had no plans to attack China and if there were such a plan, he would alert him.

During the time leading up to the Afghanistan debacle, Milley was busy helping authors with books criticizing former President Trump, incorporating “woke” into the military, and ridding the military of Trump supporters. Among the $84 billion of equipment left behind in Afghanistan, there were four C-130 transport planes left behind that could have taken out the smaller weapons.

Instead of Lt. Col. Schiller being in solitary confinement awaiting court martial, it should be General Milley. Also, any future money Milley receives from book deals, speaking engagements, etc. should go toward paying off the $84 billion of weapons he left in Afghanistan for the Taliban and our other enemies in the region.

William Huron

Chesapeake, Ohio

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