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I am the mother of Allyson “Ally” Layman. I can attest to the fact that Ally is an honest, fair, upstanding, hardworking and involved citizen. She is eager to listen to your worries and concerns for our area and for the state. She wants to hear your ideas to help improve Huntington, Cabell County and the state of West Virginia. In her work, she will be open, honest and transparent in her decision making.

One of her major goals is to help improve public education by showing strong support for current, future and retired educators. Her aim is to improve pay standards in order to attract new teachers to the state, bringing West Virginia in line with surrounding states. Another aim is to keep the control of education with local school boards and in compliance with the state board of education policies, and finally helping to bring retirees’ pay up to a livable wage. There are many other areas of concern, of course, that Ally is eager to address. Education is just one of those concerns.

Personally speaking, Ally has a huge heart that is full of empathy, love and understanding for all people.

Judy Layman


It is questionable who Sen. Joe Manchin really works for

Marshall College (at the time) introduced this Ashland boy to college life in the mid-1950s. Now residing in the Washington, D.C., area, I follow the politics of the region, though most of my thoughts have gone out via Twitter and Facebook.

I wish I could be sure Sen. Joe Manchin was acting on considered principles. If he were, maybe I could admire him But I’m not sure. In fact, I suspect his motivations are far more personal, pumping added wealth into his already bulging net worth at the expense of the struggling families up in the hollers of West Virginia.

Thomas Budesheim

North Potomac, MD

McElroy would work to improve House District 26

Dr. Sydnee Smirl McElroy is a dedicated a member of our community. A doctor who goes above and beyond for her patients. A mother who cherishes her daughters and all children as if they were her own. Sydnee knows firsthand the struggles and pressures we each face.

Sydnee has dedicated herself to working with people in need and has given us a firsthand look into what our community needs. Sydnee is determined to listen and empower her constituents.

As a resident, I am a huge supporter of Sydnee because of her empathy and advocacy for the most vulnerable West Virginians. Her genuine love and support of our community and the individuals within show throughout her work, and I know it would shine through even in the darkest days in Charleston.

I encourage everyone in District 26 to help get Sydnee McElroy elected to the WV House of Delegates.

Haley Jones


Thanks to those who picked up litter in Lincoln, Kanawha

The Alum Creek Lions Club expresses its appreciation to the 90 volunteers who donated their time cleaning the litter from our roads during the week of April 5-9 of this year. The project included roads in both Lincoln and Kanawha counties of our community. More than 300 bags of litter were removed in 25 miles of roads.

Thanks to the Division of Highways in both counties for providing the bags, gloves, pickers and vests to do this project. They also did a prompt response in removing the bags at the end of the project.

This litter clean-up has been done for 28 years, and the litter is less overall, but we still have those who do not respect our communities and dispose of their litter illegally.

Again, thanks to all that helped in this worthwhile project.

Jim Ryan

Alum Creek Lions Club

US citizens are almost fed up with neverending COVID shots

I was amazed at the dumbing down of America when Mr. Joe Biden asked our entire population to follow his lead and mask up for his first 100 days in office, and it worked for him with little resistance. Then, Dr. Fauci of the CDC asked for the government to mandate the unproved shots for the COVID-19 virus; again little resistance. Now the CDC is recommending these shots for babies age 3 and up. Parents are concerned about horrendous side effects, but with little organized push back.

You want to know where the brick wall for stop is? When the mandate is ordered to give the virus shot to your dog. Then all America will wake up. Finally!

Dorsey “Dan” Boyd

Chesapeake, Ohio

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