Why tolerate filthy public behavior?

I recently did some work within a few blocks of Ritter Park and was shocked at some of the things I saw. Now, not being a regular in that area or the city proper, I asked myself, should I be?

Obviously, I had heard stories from folks and their descriptions of some of what goes on and is now just seemingly accepted or simply ignored. Kind of the “go to bed and hope everything is OK in the morning” mentality.

So, I have a few questions on the legality of certain actions. Is it OK to sit on a public sidewalk with your arm strapped and a needle injecting a substance? Is it OK to smoke marijuana in a public place? Is it OK to live in or enter vacant properties that you don’t own. Is it OK to urinate or defecate on public property? Is it OK to throw your food packaging, used needles, alcohol cans or bottles, etc., onto city or anyone else’s property?

I recognize things have changed, but is it kind of like things in California? Do we just block it out, pretend not to see it? Or do we not want to arrest or punish? The average law-abiding, taxpaying citizen is being asked to be “tolerant.” Tolerant? The people who have been tolerant are those citizens whose neighborhoods have been abandoned by city government.

Kevin Giompalo


Forget controversy over the hot dogs

I don’t know why some people get so upset over who supplies hot dogs at Marshall University athletic events. Don’t we have more pressing issues, such as drug addiction and the lack of good-paying jobs? After all, we’re talking about hot dogs, not filet mignon.

Actually, my hot dogs are pretty good. Place three or four all-beef wieners in a pan of water and bring to a full boil. Remove each hot dog and put in a store-bought bun. Garnish with yellow mustard and sweet relish. My wife would probably add some chopped onions. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

I’m not willing to throw Marshall University under the bus over who is or is not selected to supply hot dogs at football games. Things aren’t like they were long ago. Today, Marshall and the two hospitals are about all we have going for us.

The next time you attend an athletic event at Marshall, buy a bag of popcorn or a slice of pizza. They’re both filling. Come to think of it, they still sell brats.

John Schurman


Ohio must address left-lane slowpokes

I am endlessly frustrated with Ohioans not respecting the left lane as a passing lane. I have to think that part of the congestion on our roads is caused by inefficient drivers. Not to mention these inefficiencies increase road rage.

So the question becomes, how do we get the Ohio legislature to change the laws such that drivers are educated to use the left lane as a passing lane only as well as empower police to enforce the left-lane passing law?

Michael J. Primerano

Mayfield Heights, Ohio

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