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Bill Bissett

As a unanimously endorsed position of the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce, which is an association of more than 550 businesses who operate in West Virginia, we want to ask that you support the renewal of the Cabell County levy during the 2020 primary election. As all of us face the physical and economic challenges of COVID-19 and its continued effects on our way of life, the human services that this levy supports are more important now than ever before.

Perhaps the most important benefit that we all receive from the Cabell County levy is the support of the Cabell-Huntington Health Department. By protecting all of us through health inspections and restaurant permitting, our health department can provide this oversight at no cost with the continued renewal of the Cabell County levy. This oversight includes inspecting grocery stores and daycare facilities, training food handlers, oversight of food vendors at fairs and festivals, and investigating indoor air quality complaints. Beyond protecting public health through these services, there is no cost to our county residents for these inspections and permits, which is a cost savings not only for our businesses but also to all of us as consumers. In addition to these services, the Cabell Huntington Health Department also provides flu shots free of charge, which would normally cost individuals $40 per shot. From seniors on fixed incomes to other low-income residents, these flu shots protect their individual health as well as our own.

Another important benefit from the Cabell County levy is the support of the Tri-State Transit Authority (TTA), which provides bus service and other transportation services throughout our county. Simply put, without the support of the levy, these buses would not operate. They provide nearly a million rides a year for seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, students and other local residents in need of transportation. As a collection of businesses, our Chamber of Commerce has always supported TTA’s services, as our members’ employees rely on this transportation, especially in cases where the employee is starting their career or returning to employment. With available transportation being a necessary element to many jobs, TTA provides a critical resource for those who need it, and, without this low-cost transportation, we would have more unemployment and less access to a much-needed workforce.

When you complete your primary election ballot, we hope that you will join us and check the box FOR THE LEVY again this year. As these services will continue at no additional cost to our county taxpayers, the continued benefit that we all receive from these services make this important public investment the right choice for those of us who are fortunate enough to call Cabell County home.

Toney Stroud is an attorney with Encova Insurance who also serves as the 2020 chair of the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce. Bill Bissett is the president & CEO of Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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