The United States and Great Britain say they suspect Iran was responsible for the Sept. 14 attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia — an accusation that Iran has denied.

But amid rising tensions in the Middle East, concerns about possible armed conflict involving the U.S. have risen, and the U.S. has deployed troops to help security in Saudi Arabia.

In an online poll, The Herald-Dispatch asked readers this question: Do you think the United States should go to war with Iran if it is proven that Iran attacked Saudi oil fields?

A large majority of respondents, by a margin of about 6 to 1, said no. Here is a sampling of responses:

Kelli Edwards-Webb: “I think those decisions are better left where they are: with our leaders. We don’t have all the classified information that they have. Pray for them as they make decisions that they would seek and do God’s will.”

Amanda Beach: “We elect people to represent the vested interests of the people. We don’t elect leaders to make up our minds for us. Last time I checked we aren’t Saudi Arabia’s personal security and I will not send America men and women to be killed or injured to be another country’s personal security for some oil. ...”

J.T. Wilkes: “... This literally has nothing to do with us.”

Ana Williams: “ ... This kind of complicity in leaders has lead to a lot of suffering in the world. We should demand more from our public officials. The bar is really low right now.”

Georgiana L. Williams: “It’s the principle of the thing. But, I forget. This president has no principles. It’s alllll about the money.”

Matt Litteral: “No! We want to go to war because it’s a grab at retaining presidency. All presidents have gotten a 2nd term when we were at war! It’s a sorry excuse. To put our service members in harms way for something that isn’t our problem! And I guess when you’re looking to go to war, even a bad excuse is good enough for some.”

Martha Byrd Bidal: “He doesn’t need a war to get a second term.”

Mike Baum: “Absolutely not.”

Carla Vance Hesseltine: “Absolutely not!”

Pete Race: “No. We can’t afford another war right now. Nor can we afford to topple and prop up another Middle East government.”

Ray S Richardson: “I’m not in favor of even a single American soldier dying over Saudi oil. We do not need Saudi oil for any legitimate purpose beneficial to the American people.”

Georgiana L. Williams: “Absolutely NOT! Our Armed Services are not a mercenary force for an undemocratic and brutal regime.”

Erica Whitaker: “Lol, is this Trump’s re-election strategy? Going to war?”

John Edwin Armstrong: “The US directly, no. But we should allow Israel to use all its military might and intelligence abilities to conduct covert operations against all their enemies.”

Sierra Club West Virginia: “They can do as they wish. We don’t have to be involved. Remember just a few years ago Saudi Arabia was their biggest enemy. Iraq before that. Jordan, Egypt, etc.”

Bonita Diaz: “Not our war.”

Amanda Beach: “No. We are not Saudi’s personal security.”

Rosco Linthicum: “Why not cut all aid to them?”

Lowell Elkins: “Between Israel and Saudi Arabia, they have been goading us towards a war with Iran for decades now. And it’s those two countries that we have gone to war to protect, not the United States. A war with Iran will be a disaster for the world, potentially spiraling into World War III.”

Steven Elkins: “This is a serious bite to chew on. On the one hand, the USA should not be involved in the wars of nations if we have not been directly affected. But Saudi Arabia is a different situation. During WWII President Roosevelt had a meeting with King Saud, agreeing to protect the Kingdom and the Royal Family for infinity in exchange for unlimited access to their oil reserves. It seemed prudent at the time as shipping American gasoline and fuel to the region was slow and expensive. And the Royal family still rules Arabia, so we are still committed...”

Jason Chapman: “Let’s call in all these mercenary contractors and privatize the war; they can get the job done without Rules of Engagement and all the other BS.”

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