The Herd's Milo Yosef (7) celebrates with Jan-Erik Leinhos (30) as the Marshall University soccer team defeats West Virginia Mountaineers in a NCAA tournament game on Sunday, November 24, 2019, in Huntington.

Readers of The Herald-Dispatch were asked to respond online to a survey asking whether vaping — or use of electronic cigarettes — should be banned from public spaces?

The question comes up because the Cabell-Huntington Health Department Board of Health is moving to ban the use of electronic cigarettes inside public spaces.

The board voted recently to move forward with a regulation modeled after the Clean Indoor Air Regulation, which bans smoking products like cigarettes, cigars or pipes in public places including bars and restaurants. The new regulation would prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in public spaces. E-cigarettes heat a solution containing nicotine.

The regulation will soon be up for a 30-day comment period ending in a public hearing before it is fully adopted.

Dr. Michael Kilkenny, medical director at the health department, said the department and the board have concerns about the safety of vaping products and the unknown chemicals in them with the onset of severe lung disease across the country.

Readers were split on the issue. Here are some of their comments:

Janie Cross: “I just think if they are outside venues, it is okay, but it seems like they are trying to ban too many things. Certain vaping should be limited to different areas, like a outside porch of an eating place. Smaller vaping is okay.”

Robyn Sites: “I think food should be banned from public places.”

Herb Riley: “Yes as well as cigarettes!”

Bill Bartley: “Yes, as a person with breathing problems, it causes me to not be able to breath!”

Kathy Renae Stewart: “No, vaping does less harm than cigarettes. Wish people would let others use what they want.”

David Hatton: “Yes.”

Margaret Kerr Beckwith: “YES!!!”

Marsha Chapman Wagers: “Yes.”

Bucky Noe: “Yes.”

Teresa Belcher Fulks: “Yes, and alcohol also.”

Support expressed for MU soccer

Online readers of The Herald-Dispatch voiced their support for the Marshall University men’s soccer team, which is coming off its most successful season ever.

The Thundering Herd, ranked 11th in the nation, lost a third-round match in the NCAA tournament on Sunday to No. 6 Washington, putting an end to MU’s season. But readers said they appreciated what the team accomplished. Marshall swept the Conference USA regular-season and tournament championships en route to the program’s first-ever NCAA Tournament berth. The Herd then earned the team’s first-ever NCAA victory in memorable fashion with a 2-1 win over West Virginia in front of a record crowd of 2,126 at Hoops Family Field. The match was the highest-attended of all NCAA matches in the first and second rounds.

Here are some readers’ online comments:

Denise Gibson Hill: “Incredibly proud of our Herd soccer team. Put us on the map!”

Kathy Watkins Kirby: “Great season, Herd! So proud of your accomplishments.”

John O’Connor: “This team has done a tremendous job representing Marshall University in both their play and their involvement in the community. Coach Grassie is building something very special here in Huntington.”

Kimberly Reese Maynard: “Very proud of the Herd.”

Bernice Miller: “Great run Herd.”

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