With ground cleared for a new outdoor activity area at Huntington East Middle School — the result of public complaints voiced in August — parents are continuing the push for a full-size playing field. Those voices returned to the Cabell County Board of Education Tuesday night with concerns that the less-than-1-acre field does not meet the school’s need for practical outdoor space and a spot for the school’s football team to practice, let alone host home games. Heather James, a parent partner at Huntington East, said the school felt slighted compared to others in the county — alluding to the ongoing construction of a new $1.3 million football complex at Milton Middle School, approved this summer. By contrast, Huntington East’s football team practices on the former Beverly Hills home field off Arlington Avenue, about a mile from the school’s Norway Avenue location. The site has no locker rooms, and players and others must use portable toilets. An article about the parents’ efforts drew responses from online readers of The Herald-Dispatch.

Kim Vincent: “My son and two other students were stung by several hornets a couple weeks ago when they were outside for intramurals. Apparently the outdoor areas are not even being maintained since outdoor activities were canceled for the remainder of the day.”

Mike Perry: “Everything costs money. Vote at the next election appropriately. Posting your opinions on social media does nothing.”

Amanda Kinder: “Mike Perry. Only partially true. While voting out incompetence is important, social media is still media. It’s still a form of news and to spread awareness about social injustices. In 48 hours our petition has hit nearly 1K signatures. We got more people to the BOE on Tuesday than we would have without Facebook. We’re getting more involvement from the community. Awareness and involvement matters. If we don’t share our opinions on social media, then how will people know the issues that should influence their votes?”

Dorothy Addison: “Amanda Kinder, keep posting so the community knows what is going so they can vote the board members out.”

Amanda Coleman: “As an addition, the track and volleyball teams do not have enough uniforms for all players/team members and must share. Can you imagine putting on the uniform of another person after they have played volleyball for an hour, sweating?”

Dorothy Addison: “There is no reason why any student should share a uniform. Cabell County has options they can buy houses around the area near the school. Cabell County Treasure Report: that Cabell County has 60,470,582.13 sitting in the bank. Next year Cabell County Levy is up for renewal. If they are not going to spending levy on the students than we really don’t need a levy.”

Students remember MU professor

Alan B. Gould, a longtime faculty member and administrator at Marshall University, died early Sunday after a long illness. Gould served in a number of capacities at Marshall over his more than 45-year career at Marshall, including professor of history, chair of the history department, assistant to the president for special projects, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, provost and executive director of the Drinko Academy. He was also interim president from 1990 to 1991. His death brought back memories among readers.

Dan Justice: “So sad to hear this news. Dr. Gould was one of my all-time favorite professors. He was a kind, thoughtful and intelligent man and he along with Robert Maddox was always the life of the party at the history dept. Christmas parties. R.I.P, sir, you will be remembered fondly.”

Jonathan Nance: “He was a very good man.”

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