Salt Rock too far out for Huntington

My first year of teaching was at McComas Elementary, a three-room school located on Raccoon Creek in rural Cabell County. On occasion, county supervisors made unannounced visits to McComas as well as other schools throughout the county. I recall one blustery winter day I was walking the hallway at lunchtime when the front door to the school building opened wide. This one particular supervisor flounced in, flailed his arms, and proclaimed, "This school shouldn't even be in this county!" I wanted to say, "Oh, but it is. And what's more, these students would walk through fire for me." For as long as this man was a county supervisor, anytime I heard his name, the aforementioned incident came to mind. Even when I think about it today, it still rubs my fur the wrong way.

Over the years, it has been my experience that some individuals in urban areas think they are superior to those who live in rural areas. I would even venture to say some urbanites associate the word "rural" with ignorance. This is especially true in the business world. I have had the same Salt Rock address for more than 51 years now. Time after time I've had businesses in Huntington refuse to do jobs for me because, in their words, "We don't come out that far." It happened to me again as recently as today. I'm having problems with one of my refrigerators, so I called an appliance repair company in Huntington. The guy asked where I lived, and when I told him Salt Rock, he said, "We don't come out that far." I said, "OK," then hung up on him. I wasn't interested in anything else he had to say.

Finally, I am proud to have earned my degrees from Marshall University. I might add that I earned them by driving from Salt Rock to Huntington on a daily basis. And so did my two sons. Enough said.

David Lee Thompson

Salt Rock


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