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We read that a minor group at Marshall wants to rewrite history at Jenkins Hall. This is just another protest of this crybaby generation. The really frustrating thing here is the lack of knowledge, or at least the drive to find it, which is scary. It is always insinuated that the Republicans are the historical racists in this country. The exact opposite is true. Let's take a look.

The Civil War was fought for many reasons, with slavery certainly being one of them. The Union was against slavery, the Confederacy pro slavery. The Union was led by President Lincoln, a Republican. The Confederates were led by southern Democrats. The Union won the war to free slaves. President Lincoln was assassinated by a Democrat upset with his stance on slavery.

Shortly after the Civil War, in 1866, the KKK was formed by a group of Confederate veterans, southern Democrats. The head of the KKK even spoke at the 1868 Democratic convention.

Now, skip ahead to the mid-1900s. The racism at this time spurred the civil rights movement. A movement led by a conservative in Martin Luther King. The movement was heavily supported by presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, Republicans. And heavily opposed by prominent Democrats such as George Wallace and future KKK Chapter leader Robert Byrd. Again Democrats on the wrong side.

Go back in time to the passing of the amendments in the 1860s which abolished slavery. 100 percent of Republicans voted for the 13th Amendment, 23 percent of Democrats. The 14th amendment, 94 percent Republicans for, 0 percent democrats. The 15th amendment, 100 percent Republicans pro, 0 percent Democrats.

This group who wants to change history at Marshall affiliates themselves with Democrats. It would seem they would like the current building name since they are the party of discrimination. No, they just are happy complaining.

Mark Damron



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