Beware of Russia's nuclear plans

On Aug. 8 or 9, a nuclear explosion was reported in northern Russia. Reports are that it was a missile powered by a nuclear engine, probably carrying a traditional warhead. Reports of high radiation counts on land followed. Russia is working on this weapon, trying to make it capable of circling this world for as long as Russia wants, then detonating a chosen warhead wherever it is directed. Remember the USA has drones carrying explosives that have targeted people believed to be jihadist terrorists in Asian countries, guided by personnel in a computerized setting in our Western states. Reportedly our country worked on the nuclear engine in the 1950s, and decided against continuing. I remember a past president talking about a "Star Wars"-type of defense system.

My birthday is in the 1930s. I saw the films of the results of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs of 1945. We saw people surviving with radiation burns, the total destruction of large cities, and knew hundreds of thousands of people had been vaporized.

Our president sacked our nuclear agreement with Russia a few weeks ago, saying Russia wasn't obeying its restrictions. Obviously, they were not. Our president does not appreciate the agreements made in the past and work to improve on them. He has not fully staffed the State Department, and many career people reportedly have left. Those are the people who protect our citizens as they live and travel in other countries and negotiate with leaders of other countries on agreements and treaties. We do not and cannot live in a vacuum, not in a world of the internet and jet service. My prayers for many years have expressed thankfulness for the peacekeepers of our government, keeping this country unscathed by bombs and foreign military troops marching in our states. The patience and knowledge to do this negotiating is tremendous; it takes more than a "gut" feeling.

Ruth Thayer


Presidents must respect Constitution

Our present government is having problems interpreting our written constitution. When our constitution lays down exact procedures for the election of the president, for relations between the executive and legislative branches or for defining whether a particular governmental function is to be performed by the federal government or a member state, then the only constitutional way to change these procedures is by means of the procedure provided by the constitution itself for its own amendment.

Any attempt to effect change by means of judicial review or interpretation is unconstitutional. The government should pay attention to the 14th Amendment - that no state in our country shall deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws - because it has a long and important history and U.S. constitutional law.

Those in office should conduct themselves as the representatives of our constitution. Our president should disclose the content of his official activities to the public, to which he owes accountability, instead of showing conflicting interest on our people. A constitutional government cannot survive effectively in situations in which the constitution prescribes a pattern of behavior or of conducting affairs that are alien to the customs and way of thinking of the people.

Honesty will reward you, Mr. President. Try it. It works.

Robert Garcia



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