Look at the good all around you

With all the bad we see, hear and witness, would it not be so wonderful to hear, see and witness all the good?

That is exactly why I wanted to write this very small piece. I wish we could see more good deeds, good people, good things that happen daily. There is truly so much to be thankful for and so much good that normal, everyday people do that keeps this world going.

The small things in life really count: letting someone go ahead of you in line; being patient in traffic; buying someone's lunch behind you; driving someone to the doctor; saying "hello" to a stranger with a smile. It's just, why do we have to be so focused on all the bad when there is truly so much good?

It has been proven that things that mean the most cannot be bought; it's the good that is within us all that we have to unleash and share. Just do something to make a difference to someone today. Adopt a pet that's been abused. Help someone who has a chore they cannot do. Mow someone's lawn.

How wonderful this world would be if we all did something good. In the long run, good always wins over bad.

Wendell Mays



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