War with Iran is imminently possible

The American public is being nonchalant about a possible future war with Iran. The U.S. has unilaterally torn up a presumably good-faith agreement with Iran and now sends Navy patrols near its shores and gives anti-ISIS U.S. troops in Iraq a secondary mission of keeping an eye on Iran. As Iranian leaders know, Americans do not want war and the American military is in a low state of readiness. As we continue to squeeze Iran economically, our naval or land-based troops may cross (or come very close to crossing) a border, and Iran might then take military action. Any American retribution may be seen by much of the world as the action of a bully. There will be immediate cries on all sides (probably including Russia and China) for patience. But rabid DJT supporters will howl for immediate punitive action. What then?

John D. Palmer



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