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It’s time to

practice kindness

One of the most beautiful qualities a person can have is kindness. It has nothing to do with physical appearance because it is an internal virtue that expresses itself externally toward others. We are all naturally drawn to kind and thoughtful people.

The most important place to model this quality is in the home. When the relationships in our families are governed by kindness, our children are more likely to develop this quality as well as pass it down to future generations.

The greatest display of the Lord’s kindness toward us is seen in salvation. With no chance of redeeming ourselves, God in his mercy (kindness) had compassion on us and sent His Son to die in our place on the cross for our sin.

Everyone’s life matters to God and should matter to us, being that God created man in His image. That tells me that the human race is special to God.

We need to treat others as we would like to be treated — kindly and courteously. When situations tempt us to respond harshly, we need to see them as opportunities to bless others with kind words and actions, not being abusive.

I think most everyone would agree that there is a tremendous need for kindness and mercy in our nation. We are surrounded by racism, hatred and abusive behavior — physical and verbal.

It needs to stop and be replaced with kindness and mercy. Let’s make it our ambition individually and as a nation to practice blessing others around us with kind words and actions.

Patrick Smith


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