No apology for using atomic bomb

It strikes me as rather peculiar to make a toy tugboat into a World War II B-29 Superfortress, especially one named Enola Gay. Even more bizarre is it was intended to raise money for a children's hospital, but to each his own.

Zelideth Mara Rivas, Ph.D., University of California Berkeley, may be able to teach the language of the Japanese, but she sure is in need of a history lesson about the Imperial Japanese and their emperor during World War II. It is foolish to suggest a hospital was the target. There was no precision bombing technology during the war. The devastation brought on Japan by our atomic bombs was caused by the Japanese military. They had no regard for human life, including their own civilians. They were willing to sacrifice to the last man for the glory of the emperor. In fact, most of the Japanese war causalities were not combat related but due to starvation and disease.

The United States used the atomic bomb to force the fanatic Japanese to surrender, which saved an estimated 1 million U.S. military lives who were prepared to invade the Japanese homeland. I knew men whose lives were saved, including my dad's brother. The loss of life there pales in comparison to the number of lives lost by the U.S. and our allies fighting the terrorist Imperial Japanese military. The United States had already lost over 1.7 million dead or missing fighting the Japanese. President Truman warned Japan what would happen, and they chose to continue to fight.

The "community" — whatever that is — needs to be reminded of the war crimes of the Japanese and the atrocities they visited on China, the Philippines, the people on the many Pacific islands they invaded, Korea, other Asian nations and our solders during the Bataan death march and the brutality they imposed on our POW's. The snowflakes of today do not know history and are doomed to repeat it.

Fred Friar



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