Atomic bomb's use was necessary

It is clear to me that a recent letter writer has no knowledge or incorrect understanding of history of World War II with Japan. First, the Japanese military were indeed fanatics. They believed their emperor was a god and they were invincible. Most of the Japanese war deaths were attributed to disease and mistreatment of their citizens. We were not on the wining side when we dropped the atomic bombs on Japan. The Soviet Union was our ally; there was no tool used against them. They were engaged with the Japanese as well who had occupied Chinese territory. President Truman told Stalin what we were about to do. Dropping bombs on Japan had nothing to do with the Cold War between the West and the USSR. Germany, the USSR and the USA were working to develop nuclear power; it just happen that we did it first.

Our president was right to use what ever means necessary to quickly win the war with Japan. Had he not it was estimated that over a million more of our solders would lose their lives invading the Japanese home land, not to mention more Japanese lives would have been lost as well.

I don't believe I called anyone a radical. Actually I was surprised that she was not Japanese. Quite an accomplishment if you ask me. I did not know there was a "large Japanese influence" in Huntington. Who knew?

Fred Friar



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