Stop kitten season; neuter/spay all pets

Such sad stories about cats and kittens abandoned, shelters overflowing! It need not be so.

The new best practice for cats is to spay or neuter them between two and five months. This way there are no unwanted litters, less chance of males spraying and marking and almost no chance of mammary gland cancer later in life. And no more abandoned litters.

The best way to make this happen is for people to check the facts at and then share this updated information with all local and regional veterinary practices. The recommendation to spay or neuter before six months has been endorsed by the AVMA and all other national vet organizations.

Also, for people who cannot afford spay/neuter services there is a program called Spay West Virginia to find programs and clinics that spay/neuter at a reduced cost.

Ten years ago people did not know when to fix their pets and where to get affordable services. Now there is no reason not to do so and prevent such sad stories as the one you ran about the cutoff of kitten and cat intakes.

Fix all pets early and spread the word. Some problems cannot be prevented, but this one can.

Esther Mechler

Brunswick, Maine


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