Removing Jackson's statue would defy logic

I have followed with amusement and wonder the debate on Mr. Howard Swint's demand to remove the statue of Stonewall Jackson from the Capitol in Charleston. His apparent claim is that it honors slavery rather than a strong and principled leader. So, following his demands to remove anything that related to slavery, we should at the same time remove the statue of Lincoln. After all,in one of his debates with Douglas, Lincoln stated on slavery, "I have no intention of depriving any man of his property." So if we demand that one historical figure be judged by today's standards, we must demand the same for all. Indeed, "Dishonest Abe" is seen to be the first of the modern presidents, bending truths as required to fit his needs, attempting to force the Supreme Court to agree with his plans by threatening to arrest the judges, and exceeding his Constitutionally limited authority.

In fact, the above example of twisted logic shows that the demands to remove history are the exact moral equivalent of the destruction of the statues of Buddha in Bamiyan by the Taliban - an insane religious attack on history, demanding removal and destruction of anything that does not match the current thinking. So, when tomorrow's "religion du jour" condemns things we hold true and virtuous today, shall we again see history being destroyed to remove all thoughts and remembrance of what has been? "Those who will not remember history are condemned to repeat it."

George D. McKinney

Hurricane, W.Va.

Fireworks are cruel to animals

The extremely loud fireworks display conducted by Barboursville in the center of the village is cruelty to animals. The mayor and council don't seem to realize the damage that they are doing to certain animals such as my own cat. She was terrified for hours - first by the loud fireworks set off by private citizens near my home and then by those set off by the village. Some were so loud that the shook my home. There was nothing that I could do to muffle the noise enough to make a difference.

The mayor and council should at least move the fireworks display to the park, where it used to be conducted and where there is a hill with trees that will muffle the sound coming into the village. Better yet move the display further away from the town. How about moving it to the mall? Better yet, stop shooting off loud fireworks at all. There are many more humane ways to display patriotism than to do something that hurts animals.

Barboursville should also pass an ordinance prohibiting people from exploding anything louder than a firecracker.

I am requesting that the mayor and the council take my suggestions seriously and that they do the humane thing next year. Also, if anyone reading this letter has an animal that is mentally tortured by the fireworks, please let the council know.

Walter Wendler



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